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Join daily video coworking sessions that help you stay on task and complete your goals.

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What is silent coworking? Silent coworking is the practice of doing your work in the presence of others, so that you're more likely to stay focused and productive.

Accomplish more when you join

Show up

Work alongside others virtually to enhance focus and accountability.

Share a goal

At the beginning of each Focus Session, you'll share what you intend to achieve during the time together, then we get to work.

Seize the momentum

The room will guide you through periods of focus work followed by short breaks. You can go even deeper by opting into the curated background music.

Everything you need for better focus

Dedicated Work Blocks

You'll have a daily routine of inspiring and motivating Focus Sessions to power you through your day with structure and intention.

Built-in Accountability

Working in the presence of others makes it easier to stay on task and focus on work that require more concentration.

Community Support

We help each other accomplish more in less time so we can actively participate in our non-work life with more purpose.

What people work on

They work on goals that can be accomplished during a one or two-hour Focus Sessions. Some examples are:

Client work
Website updates
Inbox Zero
Social media posts
Content writing
Presentation decks

Whatever needs to get done!

Is Work Club for you?

You often work remotely

Working from home is great and you don't want to sacrifice the freedoms and flexibility it brings. You also want it to be more social at times.

You focus better with others working nearby

Working around others who are also working helps you get into a productive flow and avoid procrastination.

You like a daily routine

Let's face it, having a bit of routine and structure in our workday can make everything easier and help keep us on track.

Our mission

Inspire you to show up, be present, and do your best work alongside others — wherever you are.

This is the way. This is Work Club.

Applause from the community:

I just picked up another client gig! Good thing I have this space to keep my sh*t on track.

Adrian R.

Helps when I need to plow through writing projects and keep my butt in the chair. It also helps me shape my day around a session or two when I know I'll be doing "deep work."

Diana M.

They did it again and created a wonderful space to do some evening work. Thanks team for the space!

Katerina B.

Start your ritual.


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