Daily virtual coworking sessions that create social productivity

Some people work better when there are other people around. Work Club makes that possible wherever you work from.

How it works

Work Club is convenient, affordable, and done entirely online

1. Add it to your calendar. Make it real.

Studies show that pre-committing to your goals increases your chances of accomplishing them.

2. Join. Get settled. Share your goals.

Sharing your intentions with others creates external accountability that boosts the probability of completing the task.

3. Focus together for a period. Then rest.

Your guide starts the timer and moves the room into a deep work segment with cameras on and mics disabled. Your guide will move the room through periods of focus followed by breaks for refueling and mental rest. Curated music is always available in the room.

4. Check in. Debrief. Celebrate.

At the end of each Focus Session, your guide will check in with the room and create space for everyone to acknowledge their wins. Not everyone hits every goal, but everyone makes progress which is always worth celebrating!

Transform how you work from anywhere

Improve the quality and quantity of your work

Improve attention span and concentration

Increase accountability and willpower

Break the habit of multitasking

Prevent mental exhaustion

Make tasks less daunting

Make planning easier

Boost motivation

Why Work Club?

Total wellness

Doing your best work starts from the inside. Our world-class guides encourage you to build a ritual and exceed your potential.


In our club, everybody is welcome and all people belong. You come to work for yourself but leave as a member of our pack.


Each Work Club session unites focus with music and scenery, for a productivity-forward routine that increases accountability and willpower.

Start your ritual.


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